received Ken’s 2018 KITH Knife

John Wilson

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I received Ken H’s KITH knife and it is a beauty!

First, this is no delicate flower! This knife feels very solid, while at the same time it is not heavy at all. It feels excellent in the hand thanks to a very well designed handle which feels comfortable and secure in any position or orientation that you hold it.

The Bubinga handle with red and white liners is really pretty. The handle has a TruOil finish (near and dear to my heart) with nickel silver corbies and a lanyard tube. The lanyard is 550 cord with a wonderful Globe Knot and a hand made bone or antler ferrule. (I can’t tell- but it looks awesome.). The fancy Globe knot screams “I was made by a sailor” and I love it.

The drop point blade is perfect to my eye and will make for a wonderful all around knife as well as a skinner. The knife is 9-1/2 inches overall and the steel has a full length distal taper.

The leather sheath is very well made and the way Ken designed the belt loop is really slick. The knife will carry at about a 45 degree tilt from vertical which will make it super handy as a cross draw or small of the back carry and also comfortable to wear.

Well done, Ken! Thank you very much!



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Thank you John (and the rest of ya'll) for the nice words on the knife. I was pretty impressed myself with that design after making one of them a couple yr ago. Since I've made several and deer hunters have been happy with them. The lanyard button is antler - I working on a mammoth ivory button but the darn thing split and had to use the available deer antler.

Made by a sailor? I guess the 25+ years of liveaboard on a 40 ft sailboat and bumming around shows. I've now swallowed the anchor and am happy having a nice workshop.

Ken H>


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Thanks for nice words John - In the past I used a Tormek system, but now I like my 2X72 running in reverse better. That knife once totally finished, I use a 400 grit J-flex to put a slight burr, then finished on an old belt turned wrong side and loaded with green compound. Sometimes I'll still touch up the edge with leather.