"Ragnar's Dream" is now reality

Discussion in 'Tomahawks, Axes and other Choppers' started by EdCaffreyMS, May 27, 2014.

  1. EdCaffreyMS

    EdCaffreyMS Forum Owner - Moderator

    After several attempts at the rawhide wrap....putting it on, then tearing it off because I didn't like it, I finally nailed it! Now it's ready for the Blade Show!

    The finished product is stacked "W" pattern, with an edge of 1084. Handle is Bocote burl, and of course the rawhide wrap.




  2. roadapples

    roadapples Well-Known Member

    Ed, That looks great! What did you use to seal the rawhide? I've got a couple I'm working on that I want to do a basic handle wrap on.
  3. Mudman

    Mudman Well-Known Member

    Fantastic piece!
  4. EdCaffreyMS

    EdCaffreyMS Forum Owner - Moderator

    Hi Mark!

    Over the years I've used different things to "dress" rawhide, but over the last several years, I've gone to either leaving it in a "raw" state, or in this case I waited until it dried and then rubbed in caranuba wax. Whatever you do/use, remember that you don't want to put anything on it that will "relax" it.....or soften it enough that it stretches.
  5. standingbear

    standingbear Well-Known Member

    Beautiful work.
  6. Eliminite

    Eliminite Well-Known Member

    YES!!!!! Finally another Vikings fan
  7. arock

    arock Well-Known Member

    That is awesome
  8. Freds Edge

    Freds Edge Well-Known Member

    I believe this will help to secure Ragnar's throne for many years if he can keep it away from Lagertha.
  9. bladegrinder

    bladegrinder Well-Known Member

    Nice Ed, what kind of wood is that handle?
  10. rhinoknives

    rhinoknives Well-Known Member

    That is one fine piece of work! I love the shine of edge in contrast to the Damascus pattern of the head.

    That is Bocote wood. Pronounced, Bo Co T-A.
    Its a Mexican central American hardwood that grows in small groups of trees and runs about 6-8" across.
    It renews quickly so not only is it beautiful, easy to work, but you aren't taking trees that take hundreds of years to grow. I use it after its been stabilized for my culinary knives. You can use it not stabilized as well. I just got a 36" x 6" x 1 1/4" piece to trim into blocks before stabilization.
  11. Griff-Grinds

    Griff-Grinds Member

    Marvellous! The pattern on the head speaks for itself, I think everyone here can appreciate that...but the rawhide really gives this piece a character of its own. Glad it finally worked out Ed.
  12. KenH

    KenH Well-Known Member

    Amazing. Ed, this your usual great work.

    Ken H
  13. Dusty One

    Dusty One Well-Known Member

    Well Done....Beautiful Piece !
  14. pigpen60

    pigpen60 New Member

    Good looking!
  15. Gliden07

    Gliden07 Well-Known Member


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