Raffle to Benefit American Valor


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Mn Daily 3 last night was 951, so with that being said we have our winner. Congrats to Jim Kitchens on winning the knife!!! Jim if you can message me your address I will get that shipped out for you.

Steven Janik

Congratulations Jim,
Couldn't have gone to a nicer, more generous guy.
Karma is a wonderful thing.


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I cannot believe I won both raffles. Man, karma works I dropped a load of money to charities in the last two months. Beth, you should get my address in a pm and thanks to Keith Johnson for making this knife. they called me yesterday about going to the NE to help people out with recovery. I don't know if my boss will let me go as I'm real busy with research projects; but, the coordinator really likes my credentials and the fact that I'm a fire captain. Seems that my brother firefighters like to work with family, even if we talk Southern. Keep your fingers crossed, I need to replenish my karma.



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really nice to see you won these Jim... You got a crazy good deal on those. Wait till they show up and you can see them in your hand. You will see what high quality both knives are.


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Congrats Jim!
Great to hear that you are trying to help out with the storm mess.
Even if you do speak southern!:biggrin:

I'm glad you won both raffles. The real winner will be one of our vets!




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I got the knife yesterday. It is a beauty with exceptional fit. Keith Johnson really knows his craft. I do like a nice slip lock jack, it's the kind of knife I usually carry.