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This one is CLOSED!!! Drawing will be tonight's Michigan 3 digit.. Ill post the winner ASAP!! Thanks guys and Good luck to all.. Gona get by with a little help from my friends, Woooooo Gona get by with a little help................ Sry I just had to get you humming a few bars.. From the old song.. You Dogs show alot of class!!
Again thanks guys!

Up for grabs is a bar of our REVERB Pattern damascus, Made from Aldo's 1095 and 15n20. Annealed and surface ground.

"Reverb" pattern 15 3/16" X 1 5/8" X 3/16"

2.50 a spot or 10 for 22.50 You can get as many spots as you would like,, Spots are going in 10 blocks , first 10 spots, $22.50, second 10 spots, $20.00, third ten 17.50 etc. Post once for each 10 spots you would like.. till there gone! :)

Please post here how many spots you would like and I will PM you payment info and instructions.

I prefer paypal but will accept Money orders. or personal checks. Shipping included to USA. all others are welcome to join, but must pay addition 10.00 shipping if they win.

We will use the Michigan 3 digit game to pick the winner. The first 2 numbers of the evening drawing will be the WINNING number, Good luck to all and thanks to Knife Dogs for giving us a place to play! :)

00.Uncle Billy
01.Uncle Billy
02.Uncle Billy
03.Uncle Billy
04.Uncle Billy
05.Uncle Billy
06.Uncle Billy
07.Uncle Billy
08.Uncle Billy
09Uncle Billy
10.Mike Miller
11.Mike Miller
12.Mike Miller
13.Mike Miller
14.Mike Miller
15.Mike Miller
16.Mike Miller
17.Mike Miller
18.Mike Miller
19.Mike Miller
30.Rudy Joly
31.Rudy Joly
32.Rudy Joly
33.Rudy Joly
44.Tom Militano
46.Tom Militano
47.Tom Militano
48.Tom Militano
49.Uncle Billy, from Bubba-san!
50.Mike Miller, from Bubba-san
51.rmbonham, from Bubba-san
52.Rudy Joly, from Bubba-san
53.Tom Militano, from Bubba-san
55.Bubba-San Good on ya Bubba!
56.Bubba-San From HHH
57.Uncle Bill From HHH
58.Uncle Bill From HHH
59.Mike Miller From HHH
60.Mike Miller From HHH
61.rmbonham From HHH
62.rmbonham From HHH
63.Rudy Joly From HHH
64.Rudy Joly From HHH
65.Tom Militano From HHH
66.Tom Militano From HHH
67.Mike Miller
68.Mike Miller
69.Mike Miller
70.Mike Miller
71.Mike Miller
72.Mike Miller
73.Mike Miller
74.Mike Miller
75.Mike Miller
76.Mike Miller
77.Uncle Billy From Rudy!
78.Uncle Billy From Rudy!
79.Mike Miller From Rudy!
80.Mike Miller From Rudy!
81.rmbonham From Rudy!
82.rmbonham From Rudy! Thank Rudy! These are some LUCKY DOGS!!
83.Bubba-San From Rudy!
84.Bubba-San From Rudy!
85.Tom Militano From Rudy!
86.Tom Militano From Rudy!
87.RUDY From HHH
88.RUDY From HHH
89.Uncle Billy
90.Mike Miller From UB
91.rmbonham From UB
92.Bubba-San From UB
93.Tom Militano From UB
94.Rudy From UB
95.Uncle Billy
96.Mike Miller From UB
97.rmbonham From UB
98.Bubba-San From UB
99.Rudy.. From UB


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HHH Knives

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Got ya down for 4 Tom.. Good luck!

Looks like were half way there guys! :) Lets keep this rolling because I got another Tsunami billet to go right after this one is full! Just about the same size!! And has a SICK Tsunami pattern!! :)

Good luck to all, except RUDY.. lol Just kidding even you Rudy! :D