Question on this Quenchant

I was hoping that some of you might be able to look at this data sheet and confirm this is worth a try. The manufacturer calls this a 9-11 second oil. Any thoughts welcome.

It should be a faster oil than most, but just a hair slower than Parks #50. Viscosity is very similar. This oils maximum rate is 147, Parks 50 is 198.9. The top half of the curve, through Ar1 (the pearlite transition zone) it is about 1.2 seconds slower than Parks. At the bottom of the curve it is a bit faster than needed, around 1.4 seconds faster than Parks, that is not a good thing, but the difference is so small that it shouldn't matter much.

From reading the numbers, I think this would work for any of the shallow hardening steels (10XX, W1, W2) in sections less than .187”, with some pearlite formation in thicker spines, but the edge should be good.

Please come back and let us know how this works out, if you go with it, as this looks like a possible Parks #50 alternative, at least on paper.

I'll definitely try the Medium-2, and maybe once the weather warms a bit the Enquench.

I'm not a pro but if the price is right I can do simple hardness tests on some common stuff and share here.