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The Alabama Knifemakers Group, we haven't decided a name just yet, so I'm gonna just use group until I get the right terminology. I will be starting a raffle pretty soon that will benefit the club, 100% of all monies will go into the clubs General Fund. Which method do you guys think would be better:

1) The way most raffles are held, there is one knife/item, tickets are sold to a predetermined date, then a number is selected in a manner that makes it above board. So all can see who won, and which numbers were selected.

2) My ingenius idea, being that we have just had our first meeting and already received one super nice, small knife w/ sheath, made by Jim Flemming, formally of Kentucky, (he relocated here recently and was looking for a club, lucky us! The man has some skillz!!) Anyway, my idea is to be able to sell as many tickets as possible at a reasonable price. BUT, since we will have multiple items in this one raffle all tickets would be eligible for all the drawings until all items have been won. For instance, the Jim Flemming knife is the first up, everyone who bought a ticket would be in that drawing, if we haven't sold the target number of tickets we need to sell (and need more time to sell more), we will then announce the next drawing date for the next item the next month, this would continue until we have hit our target goal or ran out of items to raffle. Once we hit the target number we would then have a drawing every week until all of the donated items have been won, all tickets will be in the drawing until all items have been claimed! This makes it easier on me as well, since I volunteer for everything, and we won't be constantly bombarding everyone with new raffles, for folks to buy more tickets.

I think I have explained this the way I came up with it, it makes everyone have multiple chances to win something with every drawing. I plan on using KD to run the raffle on, so it can be seen by anyone that wants to see it, which should increase membership a little more (I HOPE). AND puts me and the club above reproach. Meaning everything can be checked by anyone to know if they won or not.

Any and all advice would be much appreciated, Thanks Dogs! Rex

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I wonder why PayPal would giver a care about a raffle, don't the know that a lot of non profit groups raise funds that way? It's probably because they can't make as much money on such small amounts with many transactions.

Thanks for the tip on the sticky, the main thing I wanted, was to get some opinions on what everyone thought which would be better, to do a several different raffles, or my idea of a prolonged single raffle that would keep everyone that bought tickets in the raffle for several different items. So far I have one really cool handmade knife, that is pretty dang sweet, I'm planning on dipping into my private stash to add a couple of items...I should say thinking about dipping into my private stash, it has some sweet pieces of...WOOD in it, some that I've held onto for a couple of years.
Thanks for helping me out, I am so out of my element in this area, but having a knife makers club in this area, where there are none, that I know of, (I'm sure there has got to be one somewhere, but to my knowledge I don't know of any) in the entire state! I see a need, I'm positive there are people around here that would like to learn the skills, just not the opportunity or the way to start, I'm hoping our little club can help straighten the learning curb just a little, maybe inspire the next Ed Caffrey, or Bill Moran! You just never know! Thanks, Rex

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Paypal has told me they will allow raffles for 501c3 organizations. They don't approve raffles for individuals no matter what the funds are supposed to go.
Approval has be in advance with Paypal before conducting any raffles.

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I personally have had "THE" talk with Paypal about raffles and was lucky enough to get away without losing my account.
Their number one reason for their stand on raffles is that it is actually online gambling. "you buy a spot and you take your chances", that's gambling. The only way to get away with it is to be a non profit org.

Churches can run Bingo and Vegas Night without retribution because they have the proper credentials, we as individual KnifeDogs do not.

Accepting checks and money orders will get you away from paypal BUT still may be classified as online gambling in some states. Keep in mind that "funds begotten illegally and transferred through the US Postal Service constitutes mail fraud". Again, you take your chances.

Conducting raffles at club meetings and by word of mouth, although not entirely legal, will keep you out of trouble.

just my two cents,
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