Question about Alabama damascus


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Everything I've heard suggests that Alabama Damascus makes good damascus,
but I haven't been able to find anything regarding edge-holding properties,especially with their high nickel content stuff.
From what I've read,nickel doesn't harden,so I'm wondering how their damascus would fare as a small,light-med duty edc blade?
Anyone have personal experience with their damascus,used in this context?

Jim Adams Customs

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I use Alabama Damascus exclusively. I made a hundred or so knives, everything from folders to big Bowies, with Alabama Damascus. Alabama Damascus is excellent Carbon Steel Damascus. It hold a edge as well as it 52100 or 5160 carbon steel counterparts. The nickle does not effect it ability to hold an edge.


The Knife Poet
Thanks Jim,
I'm really happy to hear this!
I've heard only good things about the quality of Alabama Damascus,
so I'm doubly appreciative of your feedback regarding edge-holding performance.


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Hey Wolf,
I have used and sold a fair amount of Alabama Damascus too. Same as Jim, I give it very high marks. It's good stuff, you won't be disappointed.


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You wont be dissapointed with alabama damascus. I make my own, but still get requests for it. And Brad Vice is an awesome human being! good to deal with and a good Christian man to boot!


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Thank you gents!
A knife-maker friend has graciously granted me the honour of making a knife for me,
(my 1st folder design) and he mentioned that he had a little Alabama damascus,with a fair bit of nickel in it,
and even though will be an ornate knife,it will ride my pocket as an edc.
I might have to revise my design as it's a flipper,but the piece of damascus he has isn't quite wide enough.
Thanks again for the feedback folks!


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I've used quite a bit of it and have never had a problem yet. Here is one I did recently from their Random pattern.



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I've always heard good things about their patterns,and no probs with delam and stuff,
but just didn't hear much about edge-holding and cutting performance.
Thanks folks!