Proud enough to share pictures.


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Here are two finished knives that I am finally proud enough to share pictures of.KiriS.JPG
O1 Steel .125 Inch @ 60 HRC
OAL 7 inches, Cutting edge 3 1/2 inches
Jade G10
Copper Corby's
Actually my first work.

Harpoon style
S35VN .125 inch @ 60HRC
OAL 8 inches, Cutting edge 4 inches
Lacewood Scales
Brass Corby's
Two coats TruOil
My latest

Figuring out the ergonomics of small blades is a challenge.

Thanks for looking.



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Thank you Andy.
Yes, the Kiridashi was my first. I made one out of some G10, playing around with some other designs and then one out of box store steel. Was gifted some O1 steel for the holidays and went at it for real. Made three to try out my new grinder and the first one (shown) turned out the best. The others I'm using to try different finishes on.


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I cut myself just looking at the Kitidashi. Good choice with the Jade G10
Thanks Retro! It is a sharp and pointy thing for sure.
I like the Jade too, although you can kind of see the lightening holes in the tang if you hold it to some light.