Project Defiant

Les George

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The whole "Defaint7" thing is what Chad Nichols and I are calling our joint projects, cuz I have been asked that a lot! :)

So first up we have our folder, the Kumu.

Kumu is Hawaiin for teacher and this design is based on some of the old school design elements that I learned from the late, great Stan Fujisaka. This whole "Benchmaking / Midtech" part of my work was hatched in a conversation I had with Stan in his shop some years ago. That is why I moved here to Texas, so I could go to machinist school and learn to bring that to my knife making. So I thought it fitting to use this design for our first effort.

The knives turned out very nice. They all flip great and I think the size will make them very pocket friendly.

The blades are either Acid Washed CTS-XHP or Chad's Stainless Damascus

we did a couple variations of Titanium Frame lock, to include some Frag pattern and just a very few Morph patterns.

They all take the standard 3 hole clip design, so SteelFlame clips are gonna fit right on them.

Titanium backspacers where a huge pain in the butt to make, but now that they are done, they really look nice.

I will get up the full specs later, but for now... here are some pictures! :)


Les George

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OK so back in the 90s when I was just a kid making knives in my Dad's garage and I had never even met another knifemaker I found a copy of Blade Magazine on a news stand. I think (but Im not 100%) that the first issue I ever saw was the issue with the Spectrum Metals dagger on the cover. Spectrum Metals is what the first laminated titanium was called.

I do, however, remember standing in that garage, reading that article about the daggers made out of that colored titanium in absolute awe. I thought to myself, I want to be able to do that one day! Seemed like a far cry of the knives I was making out of old circular saw blades at the time....

We its been a few years, but I finally took a stab at it. Obviously I had to have Chad's help to make the piece of Mokuti that big!

This bad boy will be at Blade show as well, come check it out! It may not be great for cutting up vegetables, but vegetables are what food eats, so its all good.

the raw Mokuti

Some machine work....

remove this stuff....

Make your mark...

Done. Easy. ;)

I'll try to make some better pics later. Thanks for looking and thank you for your support!