Primary EDC blade size


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I am just curious as to what size people's primary EDC blade is and if it's a folder or fixed blade. I prefer 3 3/4" - 4" for folders, but I will carry one that is 3 1/2" on occasion. I see a lot of great looking designs that just look too small to me. I've carried folders that were five or six inches in the past, but you definitely need a smaller backup for use around civilized folk.


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Sean Jones

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I carry a Benchmade Torrent daily. It has a 3.6 inch blade. It works for everything but the most heavy duty tasks.
I have a Spyderco Endura that has a 4 inch blade. However the Torrent just appeals to me so much more.


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I carry the initial prototype of my Model 7 Ultralight, in "Split Personality" format. For me it's not some much a matter of blade length, as it is blade configuration. I prefer to carry a straight or recurved edge blade for EDC...... for me it just works better for daily chores then a standard blade with a rolling belly and a curved tip.

Blade Length is 3"
Overall Closed length is 4 1/2"
Overall Open length is 7 5/8"





I'm one of those who will absently minded pull it out of my pocket and start "flipping" it whenever I'm talking to someone, or even standing in line at a store checkout.... sometimes it sells knives when a person asked "What knife is that?", or "Where did you get that knife?" :)