Calvin Robinson

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Pride: The attitude if life that declares its ability to live without God.
Read Obadiah to see how God handles man's pride.

Brad Lilly

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God is not big on pride filled people. I think The definition of pride gets a little messed up here in North America (Canada too). Whenever someone posts a picture of a knife some would say that is pride. However we are supposed to do a good job "work as unto the Lord". When you finish a knife and it fits together well and looks good we should get pleasure in that. Let's face facts if we only made knives we hated we would quit. Someone once told me you can take pleasure in something without becoming prideful. Satisfaction in a job well done is not pride, but can lead to pride. Pride often means you tear something or someone down to elevate yourself. Boasting often is a symptom of pride.

Good topic Calvin hopefully a few more people will jump in

Calvin Robinson

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Pride as I defined it is the pride that God hates,it's number one on his list of sin,it's what got Lucifer cast out of heaven.

Raymond Richard

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When a person is full of pride there is no room for God. This person becomes his own God.

Been thinking about the Fruits of the Spirit off and on the last few weeks. The last fruit is self-control.

Ed of all trades

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I always think about the Old Testament saying that you can't see God and live. The more someone sees God/ Jesus, really sees them the less pride they will have, The more they will die to self. I need to clean my "glasses". Ed


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There is nothing more dangerous to a man than pride. And the Word of God addresses pride and the dangers throughout his word. God resists the proud ( James 4:6, 1 Peter 5:5) and is the first mention in Proverbs 6:16-19 of seven things God hates ( a proud look).

When man comes to believe that the skill within his hands and the knowledge in his mind is from his own self instead of being God given, he falls into a dangerous place with God. Man has no skill or wisdom of his own, it all comes from God and failing to give God praise and glory for whatever wisdom & skill God has blessed him with is indeed a huge FAIL. Man must be careful not to cross the line between being satisfied for doing a job well done ( work as unto the Lord Colossians 3:23-24) and having a good feeling about it, or stepping back and saying 'look what I have done. Whether it be at the forge, grinder, finishing table or a day job.