Pretty in Pink


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Pat Ankrom was kind enough to make me up a set of his pine cone scales in pink resin for a knife for a customer's daughter. The knife is my Model #1 in 3/32 inch CPM154CM.
Blade is 3 3/4 inches, and trim is copper and NS. The little drops you see on the knife are courtesy of Hurricane Sandy:)



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That is awesome i want to learn how to make the pine cone handle material. talk about pretty!

Martin Schutte

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Joel that looks amazing I think she will have a great EDC!

@ Dallas1
It will be nice to see a Tutorial on how to make it, this stuff gives a knife the wow factor!


Michael Kemp

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Eric Ochs had a folder with a spruce cone in translucent green resin from Ankrom at last month's 5160 Club meeting. Based on what I held in my hand, I bet these photos - awesome as they are - don't catch the real depth of that handle.

And what a beautifully flowing knife!

~ Michael