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Discussion in 'Ladydogs' started by Miss_Lora, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Miss_Lora

    Miss_Lora Well-Known Member

    Here's a blade for anyone that loves pink or the 50's or tactical knives or handmade blades!

    Here's the story: My favorite sister came to visit us after the Blade Show in Atlanta this year. She was looking through a few that had not sold at the show and She bought a beautiful Model XIII Tactical with nice tan canvas micarta handles. She wanted a good knife for in her car.

    Well, she only had the knife but 18 hours before her husband took it over as his own. She called Eddie (my husband) and asked for exactly the same knife but this time with a girly pink handle that hopefully her husband would not like!

    I just got home from work tonite and Eddie has the knife ready and pictures.

    model XIII (13) Tactical
    154CM Stainless Steel
    Pink G-10 handles, white and black fiber liners
    striker end

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  2. darci

    darci Guest

    very nice ,Iam not a pink kinda girl ,more like camo for me but the blade is very nice ,your sister will love it .
  3. Miss_Lora

    Miss_Lora Well-Known Member

    Hi Darci! Yeah, my sis ain't a pink kinda girl either, but it was the only way she could think of to MAYBE keep it for herself!


    (sis and husband)
  4. TKC

    TKC Guest

    I am not a pink woman either. But, for pink, that is very nice. Yeah, I understand her getting it in pink, so her hubby won't steal it.
  5. darci

    darci Guest

    My Mom would just take one of my POPS guns until he gave back the knife.
    2guns But he wouldn't mess with us girls .He may think he's tuff but we gang up on him "LOL" we know how to take care of the MAN OF THE HOUSE ."LOL"
    shakin thats him when we start yelling "LOL" Love ya POPS
  6. Joel

    Joel Well-Known Member

    Pretty. I'm getting ready to build a pink wharncliffe for a lady kayaking friend, if I ever get my blades back from HT. I was wondering whether to use black or white or black/white liners and spacers with it; the the knife in the pic looks good with both.
  7. Mrs. Murph

    Mrs. Murph Guest

    Love the geometry of the blade! Great Job :) -Nadine
  8. misskim

    misskim Guest

    That's MY pink knife, Mister!

    Well, hi to all! I am Miss Lora's big sis Miss Kim. I am so not a pink kind of girl but this knife is a real beauty! Unfortunately, Eddie made this knife with his usual skill and men who see it still want it! Hmmm..I used to have that affect on men. Sigh... Now they just want my knife. Eddie just finished a paring knife for me in a unusual bluish color. I use it nearly every day in my kitchen. Maybe Miss Lora will post pics of that too.
  9. ShadowKnives

    ShadowKnives Well-Known Member

    well hey there misskim! glad to see you joined the Dawgs! Welcome!
  10. Rock

    Rock Well-Known Member

    I am a manly man and I would carry that knife with pride (just plain old pride, not gay pride, not pink lunchbox pride, just pride)! Woe be the foolish one who wanted to make fun of it or me and didn't have a pink gun to back up his words!

    That knife looks CAPABLE! :p

    Welcome, Kim! Please introduce yourself over in the introductions thread so everyone can say hi.

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  11. pocomoonskyeyes

    pocomoonskyeyes Well-Known Member

    Lord, Please don't let my Missus see that knife!!! She will want it!! She doesn't really care for knives, but when she saw a pink Izula she wanted that knife!!
  12. Doug Lester

    Doug Lester Well-Known Member

    It kind of reminds me of a doctor I used to work with. He alway wore red socks. We asked him why and he said it was because his son would take and wear them if they were any other color. I would have loved to see the knife but for some reason it seems to have disappeared from the original post.

    Doug Lester
  13. Miss_Lora

    Miss_Lora Well-Known Member

    great story! maybe that's why we have these little psychological issues with pink or red or other colors. i can still see the picture of the knife mr. lester....
    try here at shadow knives' album....
  14. pocomoonskyeyes

    pocomoonskyeyes Well-Known Member

    I can still see it too...... Dagnabit!! My missus saw it too!!! LOL
  15. Rock

    Rock Well-Known Member

    So much for "Family Friendly". That's a fight waiting to happen; "Where's mine, Mel!?"
  16. Doug Lester

    Doug Lester Well-Known Member

    Ya, I'm comfortable enough with my manhood to carry a knife like that with a pink handle....I think, ya probably. It's possible. I guess.

    Doug Lester
  17. Hengelo_77

    Hengelo_77 New Member

    Beautifull knife
    Pink suits it well

    If men still want it, try inlaying harts and rhinestines ;)

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