Pocket Axe

Jon Kelly

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This nice little Pocket Axe makes a great companion, perfect for a multitude of utility purposes both at home and in the field. It features differentially hardened 5/16" 1075 steel with a tapered tang for optimal balance and control, a full convex grind with a
2 3/8 razor sharp cutting edge and a checkered hammer pole. Comments are welcome.

9 3/4 OAL
O.D. Green linen Micarta scales
G-10 liners
Stainless pins and lanyard tube


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Jon Kelly

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Thanks Wayne. I think they are a neat little axe. I made this one as a companion to my little EDC knife that I like to use for everything from deer to turkey to fish. Make one up and get us some pics!

Ed of all trades

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I like it, Have a buck similar to it but not near as nice as yours that I used turkey hunting that worked well. Yours would be several large steps up. Great job. Ed

Dennis Morland

Just awesome. I have two (2) of these started and you definitely have given me a few ideas on how to finish them out. Thank you for posting.

Jon Kelly

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Thanks guys. Demo, I am making another one but this time I am going to extend the micarta up the handle a good finger width for better visual balance. I also want to mill the lanyard into the end of the handle this time. I meant to on this one but accidentally drilled the handle material for a tube. I'll post it up when it's done.


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My question is how well it functions? Is it better as a chopper or a splitter? How efficient does it perform these functions?

Frank Niro

I would expect this is a very fine axe to help with field work. I don't believe in the use of a 4" knife to chop bones or whatever on animals. I usually carried a folding saw, or a regular sized small axe. Nice work Mister !

Jon Kelly

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Thanks Frank, this little guy will prevent the unnecessary abuse a knife sometimes endures under adverse field conditions.

Jim, my apologies for the untimely reply but I have been out of the office for the last week. The hatchet functions quite well according to its limited size and intended purpose. It isn't going to fell trees without a lot of effort but it will handle the fat finger sized stuff very well when chopping and larger when splitting. Of course that is all relative to what is being chopped/split. I envisioned it to be useful for game processing, trap making, skinning, hide scraping, hammering and other field chores that require a bit of brawn in a very compact package, for those who either require or enjoy the minimalist approach.