Please say a prayer.....


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1) Ohio has a lottery program called "Cash Explosion".
2) A contestant hits a button and an amount lights up.
3) The contestant gets the CASH.
4) God has smiled on me.

My wife told me to buy "Cash Explosion" lottery tickets instead of flowers. So, on the way to the Wednesday poker game, I bought my wife 5 tickets. SHE WON and will be on TV 2/16/13, We are going to tape the program Tuesday, so we should know the outcome. Anything after a trip to Disney World with the kid,SIL, and grandkids, I get for the NEW shop. Please say a prayer. ...Teddy

Diamond G Knives

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Sounds like your Wife is already a Winner, just dont know how big!
Prayers from here for a Bog Return!!

God Bless
Ans Good Luck!