Pivots, bearings, and bearings for liner locking folders.

Frank Niro

I certainly would appreciate some help on the correct sizes and where to buy counter bores and bearings for a 3/16" pivot. It seems the inside diameter of the bearings are not a true fit for the pivots, but perhaps this still works okay? I have had a huge boost from maker Alan Davis but want to find if a closer fit is available and might therefore be more effective. Thanks. Frank


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After checking usaknifemaker.com try Alpha knife Supply.com for bearings. No idea where to get good counter bores though.

Frank Niro

Thank you Mr. Svinarich with the places to purchase but as you said there really doesn't seem to be a true fit of the thrust bearings either on the outside diameter of the trust bearing itself or outside diameter of the pivot. Jantz knife supply has some bearings, pivots and counter bores. I guess the undersizes do not cause a problem as long as the reamed holes in the blade and liners are correct and the bearings correctly space the blade.
I have received some counter bores that will allow for a reasonable fit on a 1/8" pivot and thrust bearings with a 1/8" center that came from Alpha Knife Supply. ( not the counter bores) I was hoping to get some good fit counter bores for a 3/16" pivot. Please direct me if possible. Thanks.

Calvin Robinson

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I ordered bearings from Jantz but they didn't have the counter bores in stock so I got some from MSC.
After getting everything I need and getting set up to make knives with bearings and seeing the extra time and expense to do this I'm questioning whether or not it is worth it. I know it dosent make a better knife but it is a gadget that people like and so there is a demand for it. I believe that the knife is probably weaker in the pivot because of the material that must be milled away to make room for the bearings.
I'm not condemning folders with bearings,I have come to the conclusion that they are not necessary,they do not make the knife better and believe that they make the knife weaker overall and do not wish to spend the extra time and expense to make knives with bearings.
Do not let me discourage you from pursuing this type of construction. Do it and draw your own conclusions.

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Thanks for the comments Calvin - I'd been wondering about those bearings 'n pivots in folders. I couldn't figure how they really made a knife better, but they sure sounded slick....

Ken H>

Frank Niro

Hi Calvin. I appreciate your experience and abilities.
At this point and before your reply I was of the same opinion but thought I would give it a try. I will with the 1/8" pivots since I now have some. What I found six months or so ago was if I used the 3/16" pivots with of course the larger diameter washers that are needed even in the smaller knives where I could manage to fit them in the support and stability of the blade was increased. Still I wondered about the bearing thing. Thanks. Frank