Pipe Hawk from Rail Clip


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Hi Knife dogs ,
Just wanted to share some pix of the
smoker ive nearly finnished and some of the processes ,
just waiting on handle material at the moment ive used brass,stirling silver and copper for the inlays .
thanks Chris.

LR Adkins

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Chris, That is absolutely stunning, I keep going back and looking at it over and over. WOW!!


Mark Behnke

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That's almost unbelievable, truly amazing, although going through the pics was very fast giving the allusion that it happened overnight.

I've been doing the same thing Larry


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Hi Larry and Mark,
Thanks a lot glad you both like my work
yes a bit longer than over night Mark more like a fortnight haahaa,
again thank you .


...while I have always liked the idea of creating edged art without too many power tools...

I don't think I've ever seen anything quite at this level of brilliance. Incrediable detail in the design.

Simply eye popping artwork. Thanks for sharing.

Regards, Rusty


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Hi Rusty , Burton and Standing Bear .
Thank you very much indeed for your coments .
Rusty i dont use power tools mate put your mind at rest only a drill and not often .
a good file ,sand paper and hand chisels some times when i do knives but prefer files .
thank you very much .


Thumbs up on the lesser use of tools the better yet I know that takes lots of time, a gift of patience with one's self and a natural fine eye for detail in design work...

Soooooo Chris, curious, what got you started with your interest in inlays, working with brass, sterling silver and copper?


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Hi Rusty.
I like the art side of making things not just to use but to look reasonable to .
heres a pic of a sword gaurd i made i think i put 61 or 2 inlays in this probably a bit over done
i guess but its my art so i sort of please myself what i do .this has brass , copper. silver 9 ct gold and mild steel inlays

thanks for asking .The name on there is Chris in japanese , kurisu actualy i sighn all my gaurds the japanese way
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So, how much time do you think you invested in creating this piece and with the all the metal inlay work, I'm curious to know roughly how much that piece weighs.

Very impressive Chris.


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Hi Rusty .
Never did wiegh it as for time i never worry about that you just take as long as it takes
untill you think you happy with what you have done.Thanks for your interest .


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That is some very impressive work.

To think that that hawk head was once a nasty looking piece of rusted railroad detritus.... Simply amazing.


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Hi Vaughn T

Yes you can never judge a book by its cover i found that hawk hiding in there under the rust haa.
thank you very much Vaughn T .

Dusty One

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Outstanding work, What type wood are you going to use for the handle ?
Also beautiful job on the sword guard !


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Hello Standing Bear and Dusty one,
Thank you both,
Couldnt find any decant wood here in Aus so
i ordered a piece from USA a piece of curly maple .take a while to get here i guess.
Thank for your interest .

Wayne Coe

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I've got a couple of rail clips out in my shop but I didn't know that there was anything like that hidden in it. I'll have to go out tomorrow and look closer and see if I can find it in that clip.

Is your hawk sold, did you make more than a quarter American an hour? You may not know how many hours you have in it but I do.....A bunch,,,no a whole bunch.


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Hi Stuart,
I will post a pic mate.
Hi Wayne .
You never know take a close look at them you may have a couple out in the shop .
Suppose to be sold but i will see how it goes once i finnish completely you never know with people .
Yes your right Wayne a lot of hours , and i dont think you ever make anything on this stuff compaired with hours spent
but if you enjoy doing it thats the main thing and people like your craft .
Thank you both im glad you like my work .