Pine Cone Handle/Scales

Discussion in 'Knife Maker Shop Talk' started by Billy, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Billy

    Billy Member

    I just finshed up another knife. I used pine cone scales. I really like the way they look. What do ya think??

    DSC00575.jpg DSC00569.jpg DSC00571.jpg DSC00572.jpg
  2. SC_Knives

    SC_Knives Well-Known Member

    Looks good! It is an interesting material to work with.

  3. JDW

    JDW Well-Known Member

    I like it. Are the scales stabilized? that is some good looking stuff.
  4. VaughnT

    VaughnT Well-Known Member

    Did you just put the whole cone in a soup can and back fill with epoxy? Did you die the epoxy?
  5. Lagrange

    Lagrange Well-Known Member

    Gonna give that a try myself
  6. SC_Knives

    SC_Knives Well-Known Member

    The pinecone is cast in alumilite resin I believe... Billy's scale set look like the ones I've used from They are a little different to work with, but make a great handle.
  7. Cameron Wilcox

    Cameron Wilcox Well-Known Member

    Those scales look great! I have seen pine cone scales before and had my doubts about them but they look a lot better than I thought. Might give them a try sometime in the future.
  8. Billy

    Billy Member

    Cory is right. This is cast. The alumilite resin works almost like cow horn. It was very easy to work with. I like the look.

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