I have a good supply of phenolic it is brown canvas.I can cut it easy with a hack saw .I just want to make sure it is the same as micarta the only reason i question it is because alot of people on the forums talk about how hard it is to cut.
I'm sure it is probably the same. If you post pics, we could probably give a more informed opinion. I've heard lots of guys complain about how hard micarta is to cut, but my bandsaw zips through it like butter.
Micarta is not that hard to cut. You can actually carve on it with a sharp knife. G10 is probably what you are thinking of that is hard to cut, it is a fiberglass-based laminate and the fiberglass is very hard on cutting tools. The cotton fabric or paper based phenolic laminates (micarta) work more like a hard wood.
Micarta is not hard to cut or grind with sharp tools. With a dull blade or belt it is hard to cut and grind and will burn it.
It is my understanding that Micarta is a trademark name for a phenolic material. I can't remember the company that holds the trademark but Boss Dog had a conversation with them recently about the improper use of the name when describing someone else's product.

I recently used some brown canvas phenolic and it came out looking almost like a wood grain. I like it. Others I have used worked just like the Micarta I have used.

Phenolic is not hard to cut. I machine it often at work. I've never known it to be hard on tools. It does produce a dust that I would rather not breath though.