Passing Of a fellow Knife Maker..RIP Lee lbcustomsknives

Don't know to many people on here. But in knife making community we are all different one way or another, think we can call each other friends. I been following a few guys and gals, on youtube if was not for youtube don't think i would have gotten as far as I have come. I watched several 1000's of hours videos on on on.
One gentleman I watch more than others is , Lee pasted away I don't know how or the details just seen it on Instagram about 20 minutes ago. To this news makes I been upset, I was honored call Lee my friend, we chatted several times on Instagram. Lee took his time to chat with me give me some pointers and get in right direction. Just thought everyone needed know of his passing. Rest In Peace Lee


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So sorry to hear about this. I watched many of his You Tube videos as well and followed him on Instagram too. May he rest in peace.

Jason Volkert

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Sorry to hear this. There have quit a few makers that have died in this new year already. Make me realize that life is short and could be real short. Reminds me don't waste it. Again sorry to hear about your friend

Justin Presson

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That's terrible. I seen it on Instagram that it was a shop accident. Wonder what happened.
Looks like he had kids, man that is terrible. RIP

Gary Miller

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we have lost a lot of knife people lately A.G. Russell, Wayne Goddard. Jim Merritt and now Lee Bennett. I only knew of lee frome a couple knives i have seen and his videos. but he did seem like one of us. we should take note on how he passed and remember that there are things in our shops that can kill us. so keep on guard.
Some things "tool" wise one the shop...scare me, Nov 2018 I had an a band-saw accident. nip the end of my finger, just a split second....Boom end cut off...will not go in to details, but since that day forward I am 100% shore I am awake. Being that said I was up till 300am the night cut my finger, and i was tired believing that is why I did cut my finger.
I did not know Lee on a personal level as say we hung out kinda friendship. But as one knife maker to another, I chatted with him several times on Instagram and Facebook. The times we did talk threw Facebook chat video, Lee was one those guys that felt like know him 20 years of your life.
I am overwhelmed how fast it has traveled of him passing on the "web". I know that many of us "knife makers" are sadden few more than others. I hope more of us will tend to safety as much as one to other does I for one slack on that myself, I'll be honest I grind with no mask carbon fiber, G10 etc. Heck I weld with no shades just a pair of dark sunglasses, just in last few weeks I have been wearing a mask. I tend have a phobic wearing a mask feels like can;t breathe, but learning to deal with it. In turn I have bumped up my safety "skills" in my shop last few days.

Randy Lucius

This is horrible news. Lee was one of the nicest people anyone could meet. Spoke with him several times on Instagram. Followed him on Youtube for a long time. Him and Mike at Ekim knives are two that I watched when I was trying to learn to make knives. Lee was a good family man that loved his kids. He will be terribly missed.

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I heard that last night too. Sad. I've been watching him on Youtube and Instagram for a long time. Seems like he said he nearly lost his daughter from a car accident about a year ago, so that family has had more than their share of grief. Very sad.

C Craft

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Sorry to hear! RIP

I did not know him personally but I remember the name. Is there a picture of him?? I have been trying to put the name to a face!!

John Wilson

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Please don’t misinterpret this as morbid curiosity, far from it. But when I hear that a veteran maker has a tragic shop accident I have to believe that there is value in sharing what happened (at least in broad, general terms) so that we can all learn from it and avoid repeating it.


I have made a couple very strict rules regarding buffers in my shop...this was on the heels of Ed C. sharing about a knifemaker friend whose wife found him in his shop dead due to a buffer accident. A blade on a buffing wheel is about the equivalent of pointing a spear gun at your self...

I'm sorry to hear of another skilled maker gone.

John Wilson

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Jim Skelton is saying the accident was with a buffer.
Buffer accidents seem to be a huge percentage of the injuries and deaths that we hear about. I have a cheap little HF buffer and that thing has snatched several knives out of my hand faster than my brain could process what happened. The thought of a big, powerful machine with a big, soft, grabby wheel on it makes me cringe.

Ed’s story about a buffer putting a knife through a shop wall resonated deeply with me. I realized after reading that, that a plywood box encasing the buffer wheel was wishful thinking and false security.

There is simply no way to make a buffer intrinsically safe.


Just reading this and although I use a buffer to mirror polish it's a very low powered bench grinder with adaptors. If it grabs the wheel will stop because it's low powered. It still needs to be used with care though as even a low powered one can fling things very quickly.


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This is horrible news to hear! My condolences to the family. If this incident was directly from a buffer, it will be the 4th time in my career that a Knifemaker was killed by one.

I saw that Chis started another thread on buffer safety and rules..... I put out my 2 cents there. That being said, I also strongly agree with John's words......
There is simply no way to make a buffer intrinsically safe.
We can only do our best, and be attentive to the task at hand. I would bet dollars to dog biscuits that any of us who have had a shop accident, and if we think about it, it's very likely that our mind was elsewhere instead of concentrating on our task(s).

Bruce McLeish

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And it only takes a split second for it to happen. Much faster than your brain can process the danger and much, much faster than you can respond. Please be safe and attentive.


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Horrible news indeed, I have no idea who the man was but he is a fellow craftsman .As stated if this was a buffer accident it is one to many for sure.My thoughts and prayers will definitely contain the man and his family for quite some time.