passed my JS test

McClellan Made Blades

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So, you thinking bout the Master Smith test next?
While JS is a HUGE, ENOURMOUS accomplishment,
the MS is somehow huge-er'

So who all won the Js awards
does anyone have the list?
just curious to see if there might be some familiar names on it.
Again, GREAT JOB, I recall back when you were posting a lot more,
your knives were just getting better and better by leaps and bounds NOT
BABY STEPS ! And the next knife I saw that I still (some how) remember
was the Fighter/Bowie in some sick Buckeye Burl! It was slammin' Gorgeous!
I knew then, you had the goods! To do whatever you desire! Keep it up and
dont forget us nobody's! We STILL WANT TO SEE YOUR WORK!


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Thanks. I will be back to posting more that all of the stress of my JS test knives is over.