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  1. J. Doyle

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    I have 3 groups of blocks of natural, not stabilized, tiger maple available. These are Eastern hard maple, dry and dense, ready to use. Stabilizing is not required for maple like this but it can be stabilized. I will be sending some of this to K&G but it will be a while before I have it back. A lot of you makers are also sending your own stuff out for stabilizing so that would work here too.

    These work excellent if you want to do a stained and/or oil finish.

    These blocks are packed end to end and front to back with full intense tiger/curly figure. Only fronts are shown, but backs are the same color and same figure as fronts. No tricks where one side is good and the other not. This is premium tiger maple.

    Blocks are 5" x 1 7/8" x 1" or bigger.

    3 blocks per group, only $40 per group. Free shipping to the US.

    Group A: $40

    Group B: $40 SOLD

    Group C: $40 SOLD
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  2. J. Doyle

    J. Doyle Dealer - Purveyor

    Group C is sold. A and B are still available. Pretty nice prices on some really good blocks.
  3. J. Doyle

    J. Doyle Dealer - Purveyor

    Groups B and C are sold. Group A is still available. Group A probably has the best single block out of any of them. :)
  4. J. Doyle

    J. Doyle Dealer - Purveyor

    I still have group A available for sale. These aren't seconds, junk or reject blocks. These are full sized, NICE blocks at a great price. [​IMG]

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