Ostap Hel - Ultralight Neck


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Hello guys!

Some new info from my workshop. My custom #10 and first one with not skeletonized handle like before). It's called Ultralight because of his weight (about 60-70 g).

Steel is N690 and handle is made from unusual CF with titanium pins. Here's two photos* :



*by PiterM


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greath work on custom signature // i like the Ultralight part i take it the handel is skeletonized inside?


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Yes, the handle is very "skeletonized" inside so knife is really "ultralight" :)

I've made only two knives with this rare patern CF on handle (this one and smaller with the same handle material but ELMAX steel on blade - I'll show it later, if You want?).


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Thanks for sharing Your opinions :) Those peace of carbon on handles has really unussual pattern, I wish I could have more of this rare CF... Here's the little brother in the same style,but in ELMAX steel - second and last knife with this handle material.

Now they're looking for new home. I hope You like it!


Joel Brazzoni

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Nice work! I like the finish on the blade, I'm assuming sand blasted? What grit and brand do you use and what grit of belt do you finish it to before blasting it.

HHH Knives

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Really nice little cutters! I like alot of things about both of them..

What I really like and dont think anyone has mentioned yet. The use of the carbon fiber on the sheath. It really takes it from a "kydex sheath" To a KYDEX sheath!!! if ya know what I mean.

Nice touch. and to me sets them apart from most similar style sheaths!

Thanks for sharing


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@Joel - it's not sand blasted but You were close. It was blasted, but with little glass balls, not sand. And after that reblasted with glass dust. It's quite better then sandblasting, becouse of more smooth finish and more corrossion/finger prints marks resistance.

I've finished on P400 hand satin finish before blasting.

Thanks for good words Randy, those cf has really unusual pattern. As You say it makes "kydex sheath" to a KYDEX sheath and create "conexion" beetween handle and sheath :)
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