one heck of a learning curve!


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OK, so here are a couple of razor shaped objects RSO's the first one one th right side of pic was my attempt at a 5/8 blade hollow ground on a 2.5 inch wheel yea it was my 1st attempt at a hollow grind LOL the second one on the left was a wedge frame back, yea it had a very slight bow in the handle portion so with out thinking I put it on my anvil and gave it a good whack, then it went into tempering for two hrs looked fine out of tempering so i started clean up while hand rubbing the handle it said TINK! WOW! I had cracked the blade as it was very hard and didnt think about it when i whacked it! very disapointed but learned something. any way the steel is L6 and it is so hard it mushroomed the tip of my center punch last night....I am going to ty to save the blade and will maybe handle it some other way...