Old maker, new here

Hello, I'm R.C. (Dick) Campbell, I started making knives in 1970, went full time in '73, was in the Guild for a few years until they moved the show to Atlanta I think, been full time ever since, have made over 2200 knives, also did gunsmithing and I make classical guitars, my main focus now, I'm 80 and have had several apprentices which I won't name but have done well! I still make a few knives, you can check me out on FB.

Von Gruff

Giday and welcome to KD Dick. Looking forward to seeing some of your knives. I reckon you must have about worked through all the knifemaking bugbears by now


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Welcome, and do post a few photos of your work - guns, knives, and guitars. When I think how fast the last 10 yrs went and realizing the next 10 yrs will go even faster....... scary! I'm still a youngster at 72, but boy does time fly!