Old dog, new trick

This one will take a week or two till it all come together but this is a starting point of one half of the project. My friends daughter has iniated this one for a birthday present for her father about the end of the first week into July so hope it will all come together in time.
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ummm...soak chew toy in water till soft....unravel. Wrap around bare blade till handle is formed....let dry...add finish...

my best guess...lol
That is an idea I will tuck away for another one Ted but this will make a neck sheath for a patch knife for his black powder shooting competitions. His daughter is sending a piece of antler for the handle
On with this little side project that I have going, the rawhide dogbone has been soaking in the bucket of water for 48 hours

So this morning I was able to unroll it and tack it out to dry on a board. There were a couple of smaller pieces inside when I unrolled it so there was a second smal piece I could save and tack out flat.

They will sit like this for the next week to dry completely,as I get the knife done that these will be used for
Got the little patch knife neck sheath done today from the rawhide chew bone I soaked and stretched last week.
A piece of antler from one of the many deer he has shot went for the handle and I made a hammered copper front for the handle. Had a specific length for the neck strap so used the strap as a continuation of the welts. Just have to sharpen the blade now and will deliver it to his daughter who ordered it for his birthday next week. Euan does a lot of black powder shooting so this should go along with his kit quite nicely.

I was away delivering knives to a gunshop down south today and picked up half a hide of deer rawhide si plenty of that to do any more orders ifand when they come in. Also got two sets of red deer antlers so have lenty of tines for more small knife handles and some main beams for larger ones. Got two lengths of steel given to me with one length being about 4ft of 2 inch wide but tapering from the spine at about 5/16 to a fine edge and another piece at about 1 1/2 wide and also tapered from spine to edge so they may be candidates for a bit of forging