Old dog back...

Jeff Pearce

I am sure there are a lot of you that don't know me. and some That do. I finaly found some time in my life too hang around and see what everyone is up to. That is if you still want me around....
Hey Jeff, how are you? Got anything new to show off? It's been a rough spring and summer for me, I havent been able to do much in the shop, but I enjoy looking at what the other dogs got going on.
You were missed. Hope all is well.
This dog pack remembers our founders and they are always welcome to pee on our hydrants.

Jeff who?

Good to see things are aettling down to where you have time to come out and play brother. Hope all is well.
Thanks Guys. It has been one heck of a ride. But I think It has slowed enough that I can get back to what matters.
Good to see you again Jeff........... Been lots of those bird pics and lanyards on FB.......nice lookin stuff. Larry
Glad to see you back around. Life gets busy and first things first.