Officialy starting a one-brand collection... Any thoughts?


Hey Knife Dogs!

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Ian from New York, 18, and I am a budding knife collector. Right now I have about 6 blades, but looking at it, it seems like I am hoarding my knives--there is no uniformity, no certain design in mind, and varying materials.

Well, from the title, it can be seen that I am going to start collecting a certain brand, but I am torn between the two. They are production knives, but I will add some "Die-hards" (my interpretation of knives that are not of the criteria, but ones that I have been eying for a while. And yes, theses brands are Spyderco and Kershaw.

How would one start going about this?

Thanks in advance, guys!

Kevin Cross

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Think about how you want to define your collectiion. 1. One of each knife made by a manufacturer. 2. Only one knife but in every handle material offered by the manufacturer. One manufacturer and all knives linked by a single characteristic. For example: all pearl handles, all liner locks, or all serated blades. You could also go for only knives that have been discontinued or those that were limited editions.

Good luck picking one. BYW nobody says you only have to have ONE knife collection!


Thank you, Mr. Cross, for replying! That is very helpful advice. With this advice together with a friend's advice, I think I'm gonna go to some extent and say that I have found my particular set of criteria as well as making a log for what I have purchased from where, how much, and details about that knife.

As far as Spyderco, they're all going to be leaf-shaped blades and their miniature/neck knives; particular material of the handles is obviously limited, but getting each "flavor" would be nice.

For Kershaw, I would go after the Scallion line-up. I already have a Pink Damascus and that's a great start IMO.

I do have a Randall King knife and a FOX Deimos, but those gonna have their own spot in the locker I have set up-- the aformentioned "Die-Hards" section, which will contain my most sought after knives.

Thanks for the input again. I'll get to thinking!


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Spyderco makes some great blades. You could try getting all their VG10 models. That's a great steel, and will last a lifetime. Those are my thoughts.

Jon Brand

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I say check out custom knives. They can be very expensive but in my experience many production knives don't really hold value.
Why not just get a little of both but if I had to choose I would go with spyderco they are a good brand they have a lot of verity american made in golden Colorado or china. Both are awesome I own a couple from both side but at the same token I also own Kershaw and kershaws are good knives as well they also have a lot of verity as well