Official KnifeDogs Summer 2014 KITH PHOTO Thread!


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Mark do you need to do a list update of who's received and who hasn't?

I'm still waiting on mine from Duncan, I PM'd him about a lead time but he hasn't been back on to reply.

Mark Redmon

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Sorry that I didn't post this last night. Here's what I have:


I went through this thread twice to make sure it was accurate. Please post to this thread if you have received your knife so I can update the list.


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sorry guys received the knife from Matt several weeks back. real nice blade.have nt done anything with it but cut a few strips of leather

Cameron Wilcox

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I received my knife a while ago, forgot to post here saying I had. Mine has already entered my every day carry as a back up in my backpack.


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Mine I's sent to NPD it was traveling a long ways bit should be there soon not sure how long in customs in denmark

BossDog & Owner
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I still have a knife ready to send out but no one to send it to.


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Scott, we're having some trouble getting in touch with Duncan, as I have not received my knife from him either. Last check he hasn't logged in since July 16th. I'm worried that something may have happened to him or his family.