Official KnifeDogs Summer 2014 KITH PHOTO Thread!

Brad Lilly

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Show of hands, who put it off till the last couple of weeks?

I'm guilty for sure.

My sheath is done.

Thanks for running the KITH Mark, I'm sure it must have been a challenge to keep us in line.
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Ok, guys, T minus 2 hours and 25 minutes till extension is over. As soon as the sun peaks out behind the clouds I'll get a shot of natural light over crappy CFLs any day.


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Final shot of mine. Finished the sheath last night. Wanted to go full mountain man look with fringe and brass tacks, but I wasn't sure if the new owner would be in to I kept it clean and tasteful with a sinew double whip stitch and 2 antique brass tacks holding down the belt loop. Tooling to match hammer marks on blade.


Mark Redmon

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For those that haven't been following the main KITH thread, I want to mention that BossDog is running a little late, but is participating. He should have pics up in a few days. I'll post the final list this afternoon.

Mark Redmon

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Well, I've made my list (and checked it twice).... Last evenings Illinois Lottery "My3" numbers were 1-6-4, so the makes the offset 7.

Here is the list:

Please get in contact with the person you are sending to in order to get their shipping address. I hope you all had fun doing this!
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Duncan Tipton

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Duncan, what are the specs on your knife and did you make a sheath? Knife looks awesome.

Hi Grizzly,

The knife is my take on a Canadian Hunter design. It is 8.5 OAL with a blade 3.75in the blade thickness is .125 the edge, before the secondary bevel is .015. It is flat ground. The material is ATS-34, heat treated to 59RC. The handle is Desert Ironwood, the pins and thong tube are brass.

In my neck for the woods, this design is very popular with hunters. It is my idea of a perfect moose deconstructing tool. The only other knife I carry in the field is a scandi grind knife with a short blade height and thick spine for splitting joints as my knife is too specialized for prying.

I hope that you will like it. If you can be patient with me, I have complete intentions to make a sheath for it, but I cannot build it in the next week an a half (summer is stupid busy for me here in the North). Please PM me your address when you get a minute. Thanks. Duncan


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My wife was able to send me this pic of my blade in the sheath so I could post it. I will ship it out this week. Thanks dogs! This was my first KITH and I look forward to the next one!

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Mark Redmon

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Just wanted to check in and see how everything was going. Have you all been able to get in to contact with the person you are sending to?

J. Hoffman

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Mark, I sent my blade out on Thursday, and have had good communication with people on both ends. Thanks for putting this together.


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Both knives sent so now the waiting begins :biggrin: it's just like being a kid again at Christmas wait to see what Santa brought you.