NWGS Tracking Issue


I built a no weld belt grinder, and so far there are no major issue with it. The one issue I do have is that when the belt is just running normal, it runs fine. There is a slight wobble back and forth, but then again I didn't spend a thousand bucks on a KMG. However, to get the belt to run on track I need to adjust the tracking wheel pretty high up. Also, when I put a decent amount of pressure on the object I am grinding, the belt tracks off to the right and almost comes off. Is this a wheel alignment issue? Could the issue be that my tracking wheel isn't perfectly in line with the other wheels, and thatmaybe it goes crooked? For most tasks it should be fine, but I am a little weary of worrying about the belt coming off when doing some rougher grinder with I am putting decent pressure on the work. Thanks!

Drew Riley

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You may have a couple things going on, but the most common cause of tracking issues is usually lack of proper tension. You want a moderately heavy spring for your tracking arm. I got one of the heavier door springs I could find for mine, and it actually bent my 3/8'' threaded rod that it was hooked to, so I upgraded to 1/2" rod. I also tend to pull my tool arm out a fair amount, so that the tracking arm has a downward angle.

As for wheel alignment, that can certainly affect things too. You want to try to have the center lines of the wheels all in the same plane.


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It does sound like a wheel alignment issue to me. Also, is the tracking wheel crowned? If not run some tape over the middle of the wheel to make the diameter larger in the middle. My grinder actually has a crowned drive wheel and tracking wheel, not sure if others are made like this.

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