NS Trout knife

Brad Lilly

Moderator and Awards Boss
First I'm still getting the KD Awards sorted out (sorry for the delay) Speaking of the awards if Tracy decides to add "Ugliest knife" in 2018 I'm going to win hands down

I have not been making many knives in 2017, hopefully that will change in 2018. Here is a little guy I have almost finished. The blade is 3/8" (no thats not a typo) thick at the guard and forged from 5160. The handle is mostly mild steel with a little wood. All the metal has been given a heavy etch. As always comments are welcome. The name came to me when I was showing a knife to a guy and he asked what you could do with it. I said paring knife, gutting fish, etc and he stopped me and said, that might be a little light duty for the fish I catch. Hopefully this one would hold up to the task.





What an amazing knife! It has an "old school" feel to it. The metal work is as beautiful as an old Mauser action. Nice lines...creative design... Simply excellent....well done!

Brad Lilly

Moderator and Awards Boss
Thanks guys I wasn't super pleased with the etch on the hardware so I redid it. I think it looks a little better. I decided to make a sheath too