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"The Montana Bladesmith"
A couple of weeks ago I was contact by the VA, telling me that they were going to reclassify my training services for Veterans, and that an email with details would be coming. I waited a few days for the email, and when it arrived I was flabbergasted! 22 attachments to the email that they "required" me to fill out and return. Some of these attachments included giving the VA access to bank accounts, and much other personal information.

Currently the VA makes a provider wait for 30-60 days AFTER the training is complete before they pay for the services. The new standard reads "payment for VA approved providers will occur within 180 days after completion of services" What!?! I don't know of any business that can stay afloat with those type of payment terms.

The straw that broke the camels back was a form that would REQUIRE me to accept any individual they directed my way, regardless of the individual's physical or mental disabilities, as well as a requirement for me to "modify any and/or all" of my classes in what ever way was necessary to accommodate each individual. Sorry, although I support and honor our Veterans (am one myself), that is simply not feasible, and based on past experiences with a few individuals sent to me by the VA, is plain dangerous.

With all those requirements/demands, I have decided to withdraw from all VA sponsored training programs. What I will be doing from this point forward is offering classes to Veterans at a reduced cost, free of the intrusive and unreasonable demands. I will be updating my website to reflect the changes.

To those who have contacted me about VA Voc Rehab training, and those who are currently in the process of getting it approved, I apologize.

Eddie Mullins

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Wow that's a shame, but not too surprising. They probably had to hire more people to keep up with the additional paperwork too.

Thanks for supporting the veterans!


"The Montana Bladesmith"
Yep, I have mixed emotions about it, but if I were to continue with the VA, I'd no longer be in control of my own business.... and that's not gona happen. Government is already too intrusive in our lives..... I just can't see giving them any more.

wall e

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Sorry Ed, all I can say is, Wow even srewing the contractors over now. The VA has been doing this to veterans for decades but now the contractors too. Just wow.

Brad Lilly

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That's too bad Ed but its not your fault. Looks like your government is a lot like ours in the ability to ruin a good thing with red tape.