New use for old lug nuts

Doug Lester

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Did you have to turn the blade end of the block to the inside diameter of the lug nut, put the nut over it, roach out the tang hole, insert the tang then use the flats of the lugs as a guide in forming the flats of the handle?



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That was going to be my question, how did you handle the front of handle? Perhaps a photo from front? I do like the looks of it, and if I can rig something to make the blade fit good I just might try that myself.

herby swamper

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Hey I'm not a knife maker by any means but I do enjoy tinkering with edged tools and weapons of all kinds. Recently I was racking my brain for a way to fasten a handle to a little blade I had bought a while back... well, lug nuts:View attachment 78783
The truth is this a quick and spontaneous job and nothing to be proud of. The lug nuts are of a 1976 Volvo 242 and the blade had been sitting in a drawer for a year or more. It is nothing more than massive amounts of JB weld holding this together. The inside nut is 1/2" and just happen to be a good fit over the tang of the blade. I drilled out the ironwood 1/4 inch, slid it up to the nut and marked the angles, then a lot of belt sanding.

I like the idea of turning the wood down to fit and threading it into the nut! Next time. For now, I am torture testing this little guy.

One question - fitting the handle into the nut will leave end grain exposed, any way to seal this up? That is a spot that will wick up moisture for sure.


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