New to the forum, EDC guy here


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Here looking to talk knives, mostly interested in folding pocket knives, and learn about some off shoot brands or rare unpopular gems, except Dessert Warrior anything, never ever Dessert Warrior!

Anybody else freakishly interested in some of the crazy random AliExpress "niche" stuff. No not the fakes, the obvious golden rule there is never buy anything name brand on AliExpress and the like. But I've recently stumbed upon a few Chinese brands that look really nice. I just bought is "Venom" for $260 and TwoSun for $60 from Ali. TwoSun can be had on Amazon as well. There's also Kevin John brand, they're all about $180 and up. They look really decent also.

Now my current favorite thing in EDC blades, utility knives! Just learned about Olfa blades and am in love!!! These two frames for Olfa blades were on AliExpress, $115 & $50, both flamed titanium.

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