New - Small Wheel Holder/Tool Bar for Bader and TW90 grinders

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We developed a tool bar for the Bader and TW90 grinders that will take our Small Wheel Holders.

The Bader style grinder uses by default, a small wheel spindle and has the bearings mounted into the tool arm. We have been getting asked for a small wheel holder that fits the Bader so owners can convert to the small wheel roller style of contact wheels. The TW90 grinder has it's own small wheel set up but some may prefer the option of the small wheel roller style contact wheels also.

The kit includes a steel tool bar that has been milled, drilled and tapped to accept our Small Wheel Roller.

We are pre-selling these (or just letting you know I guess) and will have stock on these in the next couple weeks.

These will sell for $125 and that includes the tool bar and small wheel holder. Wheel are extra (of course..)

>link to order the new Bader/TW90 Small Wheel Holder and Tool bar kit<


Mounted on the B3 grinder...

and mounted on a TW90 grinder...

BossDog & Owner
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Interested in one of these but the server is down on the linked page :/
should be back up. I believe Luke here is getting some more bar stock to mill out for tool bars to fit that. Give us a call.