New sheath for my wife

Discussion in 'Ladydogs' started by R Appleby, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. R Appleby

    R Appleby KNIFE MAKER

    I made this buckskin dress for my wife for valentines day. Just finished it yesterday, whew:D, 100 hair pipe, 250 glass beads, 30 miles of fringe and one great big smile and the fit couldn't get any better.

    Hope you like it

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  2. mike miller

    mike miller KNIFE MAKER

    Awesome-where is the model?
  3. LR Adkins

    LR Adkins Well-Known Member

    Wasn't the wife supposed to model the dress?

    You did a real good job. A lot of time goes into a piece like that. Fringe and beads a lot of time.

    Are you into buckskinning or powwows? I do a lot of that kind of work.

  4. Rock

    Rock Well-Known Member

    I especially like the feather tassels! Great piece!
  5. R Appleby

    R Appleby KNIFE MAKER

    Thanks all, pic's updated with the lovely model:D

    We don't attend events unless they are nearby and we are both off work but, we don't go in costume. I do enjoy making period pieces, this is my first article of clothing.

    The tassels are white rabbit fur
  6. mike miller

    mike miller KNIFE MAKER

    Looks even better now
  7. Rock

    Rock Well-Known Member

    That's madness! You don't really get how complex it is until you see her wearing it. Did you hand sew it? Very cool. Pretty wife with a great smile too!
  8. R Appleby

    R Appleby KNIFE MAKER

    The only parts that were hand sewn are the fringe to the sleeve and laced around the neck plus all the fixtures otherwise the skins were put together on my old treadle singer patcher. With that, it still took me a week and a half, about 45 hours.

    That smile is why I take a break from knife making and get myself involved in these sort of projects:D
  9. LR Adkins

    LR Adkins Well-Known Member

    Making her smile like that is well worth all you put into the dress.

    I danced in powwows for years until I got too old and I've been a member of a buckskinner club for most of my life.


    SCALPHUNTER Well-Known Member

    This dress would be worn in the "Ladies Buckskin" category at Powwow. "O s' da di'galv' wi s'da Ugi'nali' " (Good Work Friend)
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  11. John M Cohea

    John M Cohea Well-Known Member

    A real beauty Bob, both the dress and the wife:D!
  12. Carey Quinn

    Carey Quinn KNIFE MAKER

    That is a beautiful smile. The dress is real nice too. Nice work.

    There isn't quite as satisfying as making you wife happy.

    Thanks for showing us the dress and sharing her smile.


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