NEW secret project!


Are they staying skeletons? If so, a stone wash to get a para wrap would be great. Coat might add a bit more to the grip. Unless you are gonna coat one in purple... that way I could get my purple George knife out of the way for my collection.

Les George

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They are gonna stay Skeletons, but I am gonna machine some scales later on as an optional add on.

I'll leave some bare! :)


3V!! WOW 3V steel!!! and its fixed blade Les George knife!!!
is there a list to sign up to be able to buy one of these?

Les George

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OK, here is the 2nd chapter to the VECP story. Just like the folders, I had the blades CNC flat ground.

These are CPM 3V blades with an Armoloy Hard Chrome Coating.

More Armoloy info here -

I wanted to make a small fixed blade that could really take a beat down and I think that I got it here, 3/16 thick blade 3V steel @ 60 Rc.

Kydex sheath is drilled for a Tech-Loc (not included). Ken Brock made all the kydex for this project and they turned out great!

Now for the pics!

I envisioned this as a knife that could be carried on a vest, behind something else, like a mag pouch.

One thing that I did not try to make was a safe queen here, you can see here the rub marks in the hard chrome from the kydex. Just rubs, not rubbed all the way through... Just a heads up.

Get one and use the hell out of it!

They are $160 plus $10 shipping in the USA, international available at buyers risk, USPS Priority International should be about $17.

I have a bunch available right now and a bunch more just waiting for kydex, so if you want one, drop the paypal to and I will get it on the way the next day.

I'll keep the availability updated in this thread.