New scales on an old knife. Giraffe bone upgrade!

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A vid I just finished, fixing a knife for a customer. Do any of you take on repairs too? I really don't like doing repairs on someone else's work, but I've done it a few times. I need to just say no! I usually have no idea what to charge for repairs, but anyway, here's how I did this one...


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Good job Anthony - on both the video editing and replacing handle. Thanks for the idea of masking tape to glue scales together - good move. I've been putting a couple drops of CA direct on scale, then breaking it apart. Never been a problem, but I think I want to try your tape trick. Thanks for posting.

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Great video! I hate taking on repairs. I never know what to charge. The only ones I take on anymore are ones where I think the project will benefit me by providing an opportunity to learn something, or maybe it's just a cool project that I want to do.

That glue on the tape trick is gold. That's going in my mental toolbox for sure.

Chris Railey

I appreciate you posting that video it will help for sure. I like doing repairs or restorations on old butcher knives or cleavers. My deciding factor is wether or not the piece can still be used. If there is enough steel left for me to work then I will do it in most cases. As far as what to charge I really just tell them a number I am willing to accept for the job. Price goes up for time consuming jobs. On a simple job like just replacing a handle, which on most old kitchen kinves is a walnut (free for me) handle and brass pins. Takes less than an hour total so maybe $25-$30. I just like getting my name out there.

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Great video. I really really like that prototype bench clamp. I want one!
I found a couple things that could be better and the maker already knew about them mostly. He's interested in doing a production run once he makes a couple small changes. I really like it, very position-able.

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I keep meaning to try that painter's tape trick.

I like the c-frame style vise too... May have to whip me up something close to that one of these days.

Great vid, as usual, Anthony!

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Great video Anthony. Nice job talking about epoxy and prep work. I always second guess if I do enough, did I squeeze out to much epoxy. I really need a sandblast cabinet so I can do what you did for handle prep....but in order to get a cabinet I need a new compressor!