New/Old 'Hawk

Church & Son

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This ‘hawk head came to me in a trade and while I still can’t forge quite yet I can piddle with stuff so I put this one together.
I didn't like the head so it got itself reshaped and done some filing on it.
Didn’t like the “weeping heart” cutout on this one so I poured it with pewter.
Haft is Ash from a broken axe handle. Both ends are pewter and it has some beading, porcupine quills, tacks, brass wire, hairpipes and a leather handle wrap.
A little aging for that well used rusty/crusty look….





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Wade Hougham

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Nice remake of a rusty/crusty. Sure hope you can get back to pounding soon, you are going to be running out of stuff to do over.:biggrin:

Church & Son

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Thanks Wade...another Doc visit this week..maybe cut me loose...I've got about a hundred borrowed idea's
from the Soggy Bottom/Coyote Dude I need to implement!!
Thanks Terry, hope you are well...
Mr. Kicking Bird...means a lot.....

jonathan creason

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Great looking work once again, Randy. You've got a knack for these historic reproductions, but it may just be the fact that you can remember them so well. :biggrin: