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I am hoping to get my hands on a heat treating oven:)

They're pretty damn expensive and I want to get the ball rolling on this.
If anyway has anything at all they can spare maybe we can work something out, I am a graphic designer by trait and keep myself busy with working on things for my knife company I am starting:,,

add me on twitter elliotfox@eliminiteedge, or facebook Elliot Fox

I am sure there are some other young guns out there as well, so I would like to benefit everyone, if any other new makers out there would like to post in this thread maybe we can get some old geezers helping us out.

thanks guys

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Elliot, first off I'm not trying to be a jerk, but have you even made a knife yet? You've asked questions about just about every process of making one, but I don't recall you ever showing one. Reason I'm asking, it's good to be fired up about the idea and research everything, but before you spend a bunch of money I think you should build a knife or two, maybe the hard way with just hand tools, make sure this is something you're going to like.

I'm hesitant to even suggest this, but it is how I started. I have an Evenheat with Rampmaster now and it is freakin awesome! But, before I was fully committed to this hobby, I heat treated my first few blades, even a stainless one, in a pottery kiln. It sucked, but it worked. I measured the temp accurately with a multi-meter and thermocouple stuck through the side and just sat there on the knob keep the temp adjusted. I've seen them go as cheap as $10 at auctions, and saw a couple on craigslist for around $100. There are lots of guys build their own too.

Just thinking you should try this stuff out slowly, maybe send your first couple blades out to be heat treated even though it's seems expensive. And, Kickstarter is not a knife friendly place. You use the word tactical and knife together, they will deny you. You might slip a kitchen knife project through there, but even that's not likely.
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First read all the WIP' and Tutorials on here. Join some Face Book groups that are based on the topic. That are educational like "Knife Sheath Making" which was formed by Nathan to be educational and informative not a Selling place. Sales are not permitted. Finally go to hammer-ins. They are the best value for your money when your starting out. There's a very famous and great knife maker that says something like this " show them you care and they will help you".

So now you need to show you care! Show your work, what you have done, share how you do it, and read & study the craft. If you do not find the answer or need a better explanation then ask.

I was in your shoes 3.5 years ago. Everyone here has always helped. It's the Knife Dogs way!

Most maker (98.9%) will help you if you approach it nicely and with a good attitude. Remember they need to work on their projects too! Keep any time they give you on point and not just hanging around keeping them from their work.
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Couple things...

A couple things, first old geezers really don't like to be called out geezers. It's insulting, not amusing.
Second, before you ask for free stuff, make a few knives and show them.
I am closing this one...
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