New Kitchen Knife


At the AR knife show I order a chef knife from J. Neilson. We talked for several minutes about what I was wanting. I wanted a smaller blade (8") with micarta scales and an antiquing finish. Well I was not expecting it till June or July. Well I got a surprise Saturday. It was delivered to me. Well I was very please with the whole package. The blade was the perfect length for me and the handle was a perfect fit. Well I couldn't sleep so I thought I would give it a test run. I had chicken, pork and shrimp ready to make fajitas. So I got to cutting up the meat and it went fantastic. Next was the onion and bell peppers. Cut like a dream. But I expected that. So what could I do to really test it? Then it came to me, ripe tomato's. If you have ever tried to cut tomatoes that are ripe it is a pain if the knife is not sharp. The reason for this is because it will squash them instead of cutting them. Well I got the great pleasure of having extremely thin sliced tomatoes. So my opinion of this knife is one of great pleasure and great satisfaction. I would definitely recommend getting one if you have the opportunity.