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Hi Everyone,
I tried another knife forum hoping to get some comments on my work, but it didn't seem as friendly as this forum. Plus, there's a place for women knife enthusiasts! My husband asked me to carve a bone handled knife for him. I loved it so much, I've done 3 more in less than a month! I also stippled the blades on two of the knives and etched the bolsters. Please comment on my work. Yes, they are Ocoee River knives. I wasn't sure how they would come out, so I choose an inexpensive knife. I would like to work with custom knife makers. Thank you for looking!


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Thank you all for your nice comments! Makes me feel at home. I just learned that you have a blog area. I received a new camera for Christmas and would love to post more of my work.


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We love pics. Feel free to post as many as you like in a blog or in The "Knife Deco" forum.


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First off I really like the carvings. The last two look quite professional. What mediums are you comfortable working in? What type of carving would you like to do? Can you give us your first name so we can call you something besides carver lady?


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Hi Steve,
Thanks for a the encouraging comments. My name is Catherine DeFelice and I love this forum! (you can call me Cathy) I am very comfortable with bone. I just ordered a Hen & Rooster polished stag bowie to try. I am a jack-of-all-trades. Pen & Ink is my favorite medium and I'm learning to tattoo the way I draw. I taught myself to tattoo. Been at it for 20 years and seriously wanted to consider opening a shop except, I don't have the money or any tattoos and I never apprenticed with anyone. I draw what I see. Animals portraits are my favorite. I don't draw people. I'd like to post pictures of tattoos and stuff but I'm having a problem uploading pictures. Is there a space limit in my gallery?

Kris Martinelli

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Cathy, Thanks for saying hi and sharing your work. That is incredible what you did with those Ocoee's That's how to start. I also love your bone work that I could invision on some knives. I think filing would come easy to you. I will have more detailed work of my filing on my site but your work is ready for some expensive knives. When did you think or start to work on knives. PS thanks for sharing again! Nice to meet you! Kris

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that's pretty good. I have not seen that kind of embellishment very often. You should keep working with to see where it takes you.

Keith Willis

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Welcome to the pack
Very nice work,looks as though you found your calling.
Would love to see more.

God bless,Keith