New full tang tomahawk model {The Valkyrie} Build Along


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Hey guys I have recently designed and am in the process of building a new full tang tomahawk. I have been asked to to a larger model, so this is it.
I understand "tactical" tomahawks aren't some of your guy's thing, but I know a few of you like them, so I wanted to share. I have snapped some pics along the way to show some of my processes.

I had the hawks waterjet cut from a very large sheet of 4140, but they still need quite a bit of work to clean them up. Here I am cleaning the top profile on one of them.


Next I go through and drill all the holes to their final dimensions.

I made a simple little template to mark where I will hard stamp the blades. I use a 12 ton press that I built for the job.

And the results

The axes had quite a warp to them for some reason, so I straightened them out prior to grinding. Here is one on my granite surface plate, nice and flat now.

Here I am scribing the lines that I will grind to.



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Here I have ground the first bevel.

The compound grind on the spike. I wanted a beefy point that would still penetrate very well.

All ground and ready for HT.

I have a large vertical kiln over at my Dad's place I use for my bigger hawks. Here it is coming up to temp, it takes about 2 hrs to reach 1550.

Opening a vertical kiln is WAY hotter than a horizontal, I need to upgrade my gloves.


After hardening, they get a full temper. I then blast them and then spring temper the tang for extra toughness. The axes warped a bit during quench, so I straighten them at the same time. This one is nice and flat again.

Next up finishing!!

Justin Presson

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I have been following the progress on instagram too, it's looking good. I like the video of you quenching it....that would get my blood pumpin.
Is that a homemade edge scribe? I need to make me one.


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Thanks Shawn!

Yes Justin, I made the scribe. I think Tracy sells one like it, if you don't want to build one.


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I decide to do something new for this model and mill "fullers" in the scales. I built a simple jig to clamp in my vise, and started cranking. I really need a powerfeed. : )


The end result. I will still round and smooth them out out by hand once they are attached.

This set of scales is for a custom order. Love the look of CF, just hate the itch.

Here I am flaring the tubes for a rock solid handle.

And the end result all finished up and razor sharp!

A better pic of a different Carbon fiber one.



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Hey guys, I have received some messages regarding the hawk asking about things liking puncturing tires and sheet metal and such. I was able to get out and do some testing with it and am very pleased with the performance.

Here are some pics. I will try and post the video later.




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Hi Ben just wanted to ask why valkyrie ,They were females who chose the slain in battle in norse
so its a axe for females then ? or is there another meaning for valkyrie ?


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Hey Chris,
Yep that is the meaning of the word Valkyrie, "Chooser of the slain". The axe has norse influences in the shape of the head, plus I just like the name. : )


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I got a little nervous when you said you were going to test the Hawk on car doors & Tires?

Not on my vehicles you don't!:no: