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So I've been working on piecing together my forced burner forge. In the meantime I needed something that I could just run for a bit. I didn't want to spend 3-400 bucks so I ordered a Mr Volcano single burner forge! $75 delivered to me off of Ebay! Got it today and have to admit it's a lot nicer than I was expecting!! Forge body, hard firebrick for floor, Burner with shut-off, 20LB regulator, KAO Wool, rigidizer, 2lbs of Satinite and the Cherry on top 2 laminated instruction sheets! It's all Stainless Steel too. The couple things I'm not fond of, regulator has no provisions for gauge and the propane hose they provide is slip fit on the nipple of the regulator (I have some real hoses and regulator to use instead). I have the Rigidizer on the Kao-Wool set oven at 200deg brought it up to temp and put whole forge in then turned it off till tomorrow. First coat of Satinite gonna go on then the second and I planned on top coating with ITC100 and getting some Firebricks for the ends to conserve some fuel. I'll reserve my opinion until I use it a little. But if it works as good as it was packaged and thought out it seems it would be a Fantastic beginners forge! To be Continued!!


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That's a heck of a deal for a forge like that. Definitely a good idea to close off the ends of the forge with firebrick - there's really no disadvantage, other than having to move the bricks when you want to retrieve a part.

Well, that and losing line of sight with the part. Shouldn't be a big deal with a propane forge, though. You have a ton of control over how hot the forge gets.

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That's heck of a good deal on a forge - while it's small, you'll be amazed how much you can do with it. I do like the flame coming in at an angle - MUCH better than directly down. A pressure gauge will be easy to add with a Tee and nipple. Well, as you mentioned the hose barb on outlet of regulator might make that a tad more difficult. That's be no problem for a man of your skills :)


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First coat of Satinite Refractory on gotta wait a couple days for it to dry. Then another coat, couple days to dry then, a coat of ITC100 to make it more efficient! Quality looks decent on forge did some more research and found a few complaints about spot welds coming apart? Most said it was not a big deal they either rewelded or bolted them back together! As long as there not exploding I should be good!! LOL!!


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