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Discussion in 'Hot Metal' started by Roy Miller, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. Roy Miller

    Roy Miller Well-Known Member

    [​IMG] After years of striving, well OK, months. I have finally finished my new forge. This started out as a vertical blown forge with plenty of space in the bottom for flux to collect, however after finding a thread on ribbon burners I cut it up and made a horizontal with a ribbon burner. The burner is fourteen inches long (the full inside length of the forge) and angled so the flames swirl around the inside. I finished it last night and haven't used it yet but I had to turn the air down and adjust my propane reg. to zero to get the temp down to 2100 deg. :biggrin:

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  2. Ernie Swanson


    Thats Cool............oh I mean hot!!

    So whats a ribbon burner?
  3. Doug Lester

    Doug Lester Well-Known Member

    I can't tell from the picture, do you have a needle valve on the gas line? If you don't, I'd install one. It will really help you regulate the gas flow. Also, I you put that propane cylender outside of my shop if it is very inclosed. I have mine inside but it's all open windows on three sides. No where for any leaked propane to gather. There's a reason that stores that sell and fill these things don't allow them inside the building.

    Doug Lester
  4. HHH Knives

    HHH Knives Super Moderator

    Thats a nice looking forge, Can you tell us about the ribbon burner? or add a link to the thread.
    Sounds like its a good set up based on the temps you stated.

    God Bless
  5. Roy Miller

    Roy Miller Well-Known Member

    The link above by airborne steel is to the site I used. Grant gives a great step by step on building the burner. He recommended 10 to 12 inch length but I made mine 14 and only used two rows of holes instead of three.
    I do have a little needle valve under the front edge of the table where I can see inside to adjust the mix. I will add some shots of the burner construction. oh yeah the big tank is outside.
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  6. Wayne Coe

    Wayne Coe Forum Owner - Moderator

    I am impatiently waiting for more pictures.
    After you posted this I contacted John Emmerling (one of my blacksmith buddies). He is using this with natural gas and has 9 inches between the gas inlet and the burner. He says that this is for gas/air mixing and that Propane mixes better than NG so you could use less. Looks like you have about 18"? It looks like your gas comes in right at the blower?
    I will be building a forge out of a 20# propane bottle with an 8" burner. If this works out well I may be offering these in a forge for those that do not want to go through the trouble of building one.
    Thanks for getting me started on this.
  7. Roy Miller

    Roy Miller Well-Known Member

    Wayne, I did add the smaller pictures at the bottom, but if you go to my web site there are even more. I wondered if anyone would notice the gas inlet. It comes in the back of the burner housing in a quarter inch steel line and comes out the front about eight inches. That is the way the waste oil heater was set up so I went that way for testing and just left it that way. The only problem with this way is putting a damper on the air flow. What I did is make a quarter turn valve from a large flat washer between the blower and the fuel outlet and the fuel line goes through the hole in the center of the washer. The only problem that I am having now is it gets too hot. I had to plug nine of the twenty seven burner holes to keep the temp. around 2500 deg. The extra length of pipe is just to get the blower out of the way.
  8. LuckyB

    LuckyB New Member

    Hello every one I am I guess the new kid or tender foot on the block Mr Miller you are the reason I am here Yes it all your fault but I will not hold it against you i just looked up the link that AirBorn put up- and the page is no where to be found unless its my old commodore 64 with retro rockets causing it not to pop up , i9 am very much interested in this Ribbon Burner with the price of propane these days her its 3.79 per gallon not cheap at all . any information that i can be directed to would be much appreciated stay safe Me blessed and keepem Sharp .. and one more thing where where do i find this avitar down load for picture4s and what knot' .. :) have a great weekend ..
  9. Wayne Coe

    Wayne Coe Forum Owner - Moderator

    Lucky8 the information, plus a lot more, is in an attachment on my web-site on the Forge Supplies page.

    I run my forge with about .5# of pressure and have been welding Damascus billets with no flux.

    Let me know if I can help you.
  10. Wrobble

    Wrobble New Member

    This thread might be dead, But I am starting my construction on a forge within a few weeks. This is a very similar build that I am planning on doing, my main question is what do I use for a blower? How strong does it need to be?

    Thankyou for any reply!!!
  11. Doug Lester

    Doug Lester Well-Known Member

    I have a used bounce house blower on my forge that I regulate with a gate valve. As I recall it ran me about $60 plus shipping. All I had to do is cobble together a connection between it and the burner and plug it in.

  12. Wrobble

    Wrobble New Member

  13. Ruger4

    Ruger4 Well-Known Member

    nice forge..........admire how you squeeze in your fancy press in the same photo , well done !!
  14. soundmind

    soundmind Well-Known Member

    I want to take a shot at a reply to this old thread too. I have a similar set-up with a 100# bottle. Where would you put a needle valve, before or after the regulator?
  15. Doug Lester

    Doug Lester Well-Known Member

    The regulator on my forge is back on the bottle. A gas line leads from it to a stopcock valve then a short brass nipple which attaches to the needle valve which attaches to another short brass nipple which is inserted into a cap to a T-connector to the air line.

  16. soundmind

    soundmind Well-Known Member

    Hey thanks Doug.

    Is the stopcock there for convenient on/off? And am I right that the needle valve is needed to help regulate the pressure from a large bottle as opposed to a 20#?

    I just got my forge set up. I have an adjustable regulator at the 100# bottle, then the line goes straight to the torch. I'm wondering if I need more checks and control inline before the torch.

  17. Wayne Coe

    Wayne Coe Forum Owner - Moderator

    You should have the regulator at the bottle, then hose to a 1/4 turn ball valve for quick on/off then the needle valve to adjust volume of gas and fine tune the gas on a blown forge. The needle valve does not control pressure, that is done at the regulator, the needle valve only controls volume. You should have a gate valve between the blower and the gas inlet to control volume of air. With the gate valve and needle valve you can control the relation of air to gas, very much like an ace/oxy torch.

    Let me know if I can help you.

  18. Doug Lester

    Doug Lester Well-Known Member

    The stopcock does help with turning the gas on but it also is needed when something goes wrong and you need to turn off the gas NOW.


  19. soundmind

    soundmind Well-Known Member

    Doug, Wayne, Thank you. I thought I left a post I wouldn't be able to answer for a couple days but don't see it now. Sorry for the late reply no online access.

    I'm getting ahead of myself again and need to catch up on gas forge designs. Wayne, I see the information on your website. Let me do some studying.


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