New Forge Build


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Looks like a good start - you are going to update as a WIP? This to be a blown forge?


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That is looking AWESOME!! Not sure if you made it the same dimensions as I did....but I had to use an engine hoist to get mine in place. :)

Freds Edge

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Ed , mine is a shade smaller but before I poured it I slid it square under a chain fall that is on a overhead rail in the shop. Before I poured the body I figured it to be around 250 lbs. I did not radius the burner hole but located it parallel with the side wall so the opposite radius wall give me good air movement.


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That is looking AWESOME!! . . .but I had to use an engine hoist to get mine in place.
Agreed! That looks great! Using some kaowool, will help the weight for sure. I didn't in mine, opting for 2" of castable instead. I'm not exactly sure how much it weighs, but it took 2 of us to get it on the stand. If I were to re-do it, I'd do what you did, using 1" of kaowool under the refractory.
My design is great if the forge is going to run all day, and if one is using large stock for sculptures, but not so great for shorter sessions making blades.