New dude, looking for an education

A Beaty

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce myself, I am Austin I am located in Virginia,

I have very minimal experience in stock removal knives. I am guessing that I have made approximately 100 blades in high carbon. I have also dabbled in slip joints and I have made four of those thus far.( not to any degree of professional fit and finish) ....

I have been accustomed to blacksmithing since 2011 after graduating from horseshoing school.

I say all that to say this, I have attempted probably 30 back lock Proto types with horrible success, meaning none at all.

Is there anyone on this thread that can direct me to someone, or is someone on this thread that wouldn’t mind spending whatever time necessary to carefully instruct me on how to complete a back lock appropriately?

I will obviously compensate you for your time materials and anything used. But I’m not sure this is an appropriate request? Or has this been done before? I’m very teachable, I’ll do whatever instructed.

I am still active duty army, so I will need some time advance of when we could get together as I will have to put in leave for that timeframe.

Thank you for your consideration, stay blessed.


Sean Jones

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Welcome to Knife Dogs Austin. While I can't help you in your endeavor, there are several people on this forum that should be able to help you out.

There are also several videos on YouTube that show how to make a lock back folder.

A Beaty

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Thank you sir, I’ve bought a book, watched hours of footage and I’ve still been breathtakingly unsuccessful lol. Thank you sir for your time

Bruce McLeish

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Post some pics or describe the failure mode more precisely. That will assist the adults here to help ya.
As an old vet, I say with pride " thanks for your service, young man. " I'd be proud to help you in any way I can. Which ain't much, I'm afraid, cause I just started on number 16.!


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Good morning, Austin. You might want to check out your local ABANA group to find out who is in the neighborhood.
Don't be discouraged if it might be tough to find folks willing to let someone 'drop-in' due to the pandemic, however.


"The Montana Bladesmith"
Welcome to KD Austin. Thank you for your service! I'm a retired E7 myself.

First, when you're talking folders of any type, you are talking Advanced Knifemaking. Personally, I didn't even attempt making a folder until just prior to achieving my ABS Mastersmtih rating. Being able to make any folder, that operates smoothing and correctly requires a level of precision, that usually requires first hand training, as in attending a class/classes. You won't find many public classes offered, but more so one on one type classes from experienced Bladesmiths/Knifemakers.

The first thing I tell people, before I will even agree to give them a folder class, is that they have to be very proficient at building straight knives, and I require them to provide proof as in pics or examples. That's because of the precision required. With straight knives, we can get away with thinking in fractions of an inch. When it comes to folders, you have to reset your thinking to fractions of a thousandth of an inch. Learning to create top notch straight knives is part of the process..... and in learning to walk, before running.

Although there is a flood of information on the net about folders, don't expect to learn by going that route. Most is incomplete information, designed to make the presenter look cool, but always leaving out key elements/portions of the process. If your serious, and are at the competency level required, I'd recommend finding someone and taking classes, preferably one-on-one. It will be some of the best money you can spend on education. ;)