Need some advice on converting 220V into 220 3 phase Calling all Dogs!

HHH Knives

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Hello, Im looking at buying a surface grinder that runs on 220 3 phase electric. I have 220 to the shop.

I had found a converter that runs of a 5 HP motor on Craigs list.. that they say will do the job.. Then was asking a friend and he said that there is another way to do it using a VFD.

All of this is new to me. and I wanted to ask you guys what way will be best. If the VFD set up is better and why..

Heres the link to the phase converter I found for sale in my area.

Thanks in advance for any and all help you guys can give me on the subject.. If you can help and would rather talk then type, call me at 989 635 7059

God Bless YA!
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VFD All the way
Uses less electricity, only running one motor instead of two
Only noise will be the grinder
Control your speed with a VFD

And the best part is you can find them cheaper than that homemade converter you have linked.


Chuck Gedraitis Knives

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You can use a Static Phase Converter - Horsepower: 3-5


HHH Knives

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Ok so after a bit more research, I found that a VFD is not a Static converter. :) I believe a VFD is the way to go based off the info I have found about the 3 converters , rotary, Static and VFD. Can anyone recommend a suppler of VFD's

Do I need to hire a electrician to wire it, or is it something that is relatively Easy to do?

Thanks Guys for your input and help.

HHH Knives

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Thanks Ed. and everyone for the help. Im gona go with the VFD. Now to search out a good one for a fair price with FAST shipping.. because the surface grinder should be hear first part of next week. :)

Ill post up some pics when I get this beast wired up!

HHH Knives

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After some help from the pack, I went with a VFD.. It arrived yesterday and after some wiring and programing.. Im happy to say.. IT WORKS!!!!! :)

I surface ground a couple of billets of Tsunami pattern damascus with very good results! Pics tomorrow..

Now its time for a belt conversion!

Thanks your guys for the advice.. I really appreciate it..

God Bless YA!

HHH Knives

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Tsunami pattern billets.

Ernie, Thanks bro..

Heres the pics I promised. These are surface ground and are dead flat.

This grinder is going to really improve alot of aspects of my knife making.. as well as make the billets we sell even better for you guys!

Again Thanks Dogs for all the help and advice!


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