Need parts list for digital forge temp probe

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Anyone have a parts list for a digital temp probe for a forge?

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Tracy, does this help?

How I got my Pyrometer. September 15, 2015 by Wayne Coe

I have had a number ofpeople ask me about how to get a Pyrometer like mine so I decided to write upthis little sheet.

I have the PID that you canfind at this URL.

There are a number of othercompanies that sell this PID and there are other PIDs also.

Last year I paid $28.42including shipping but now I see that it is $28.95 plus shipping.

With this PID you must alsosupply your own power cord so there is another expense, unless you can source apower cord from an old extension cord or something similar.

For the Thermocouple youcan use this URL.

These come in 12” and 18”probes. For a 12” probe you can order a TJ36-CAXL-14U-12. I just priced that out and it came to $44.00plus shipping. Remember that the readingcomes from the very end of the probe only. The tip of your probe needs to be in the area that you are measuring thetemperature. In the case of a RibbonBurner that would be in the center of the burner. I have mine lying on the floor of theforge.

I mounted my PID in a doubleoutlet box and used the plastic outdoor type box which is gray and iswaterproof and dust proof if you use a cable gland for the connections. I ran both cords out through the one cablegland. Keep in mind that the probe issomewhat fragile when hot. You need dodevise a method of securing the probe in the forge and the PID so that theydon’t fall or otherwise get moved around while you are working. I drilled a hole in a fire brick to extendthe probe through and mounted the box to my forge stand.

To program your PID fortemperature control I found this on support forum.

Re: JLD7100 PID Temperature Controller Setting

Postby cumorglas » Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:17pm

press the set button
using the arrows to move the blinky bit over and the numbers up and down makeit say 0089
then press set again
use the up and down arrows to get it to to say inty
then press set again
use your up and down arrows to get it to say k which doesn't look like a k atall. it sort looks like this
|_| It looks more like a backward 4

then press set again
then use up and down arrows to make it say end
then press set again
then you should be fine and able to tell what temp it is wherever in your forgeyou put the thermocouple. make sure it can handle the range you need. if not kthermocouples are not terribly expensive

Be sure that Fahrenheit is the tempsetting -- CorF = 1.

Good luck and Let me know howI can help you.


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In addition to what's been said, I'd recommend using an UNGROUNDED thermocouple...... designated by a "U" in the product number. Ungrounded thermocouples generally last 2-3X what a grounded version does.